Understanding Employee Misclassifications

While there are several reasons why employees find themselves encountering wage and hour mistakes during their employment, the most often cause is due to employee misclassifications. Examples Of Employee Misclassifications Misclassifications can happen when an employer inaccurately classifies a worker as an independent contractor, rather than an employee. In this cases, the employees fail to […]

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Areas of Issue: Wages and Overtime

Employment laws protect employees from having their employment rights violated. From discrimination to harassment, to the payment of wages, there are many ways an employee’s rights can be taken from them, with the most common being wage and overtime theft. Some people, however, may not recognize when these violations occur to them. In order to […]

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Wage Theft: A Common Workplace Issue

Wage theft is a common workplace issue that is increasingly becoming a problem for employees all over the country. Wage theft may occur when an employee does not receive all of their wages or any wages at all. Recognizing Wage Theft Not paying employees correctly maybe a violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). The FLSA establishes a Federal […]

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HR Firm Agrees to Pay $1 Million in Back Wages: Being Paid A Salary Does Not Exempt You From Overtime

In this case, a contract Human Resources firm (you would think they would get this stuff right) believed that by raising its employees salaries high enough it exempted them from the FLSA and its overtime provisions. The result of this misreading of the law was a $1 million dollar settlement to pay back wages to […]

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