Understanding How Tipping In Employment Law Works

It is important for employees working in the service industry to make themselves knowledgeable and aware of how tipping works, as well as their rights when it comes to tip credits and tip pooling. Tipping- Service employees should never be required to forfeit any part of their earned tip to their employer or other employees. This rule can change, […]

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Tipping Laws And How They Affect You

Most employees working in the service industry will earn more money in the tips they receive, than they will receive in actual wages. It is important, however, that the people who are employed in the service industry understand how tipping works and what the tipping laws are in their particular state are, especially when it comes to ensuring […]

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Are You A Tipped Employee? Understanding The FLSA And Tipping Laws

Are you a tipped employee and do not understand the laws for tipped employees? You are not alone. There are tipping laws that are governed by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), protecting tipped employees who regularly receive more than $30 in tips on a monthly basis. Maduff & Maduff, LLC wants to help you to better understand […]

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Understanding The Basics Of Tipping

Employees working in the service industry often find themselves earning more money in tips, than they do in wages. However, many of these men and women are not fully aware of their legal rights when it comes to their tips. By making themselves knowledgeable and aware of the basics in regards to tips, tip credits, and […]

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