Ensure Workplace Issues Are Being Handled Correctly

It is important when wanting to run a successful business, that employers ensure their employees are free of common workplace issues, such as harassment and discrimination. While even the best businesses work hard to ensure they have policies in place, they may experience one of these potential workplace issues. In the event that it does happen, it is critical to ensure […]

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Your Workplace Rights

While there are obvious workplace rightsthat employees are entitled to, there are many that employees may not know exist, such as the following: You must be paid promptly: State laws often determine when you must receive your paycheck after the pay period ends. They also often require employers to pay an employee their final paycheck […]

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Am I Being Sexually Harassed?

Sexual harassment cases happen fairly often in today’s workplace. And, since sexual harassment can come in a variety of forms, it is critical to understand if you are being sexually harassed or not. What Does Sexual Harassment Look Like? The most common forms of sexual harassment are as follows: Unwelcome sexual advances made by supervisors or co-workers. Requests […]

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Tips For Choosing An Employment Attorney

When facing a violation of your employment rights, such as harassment, discrimination, or wage and overtime theft, it is critical to know who you can turn to for help. This is why finding an experienced and professional employment attorney is a must. Here are some helpful tips to consider when choosing an employment attorney: Only hire an […]

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