What To Do If You Are Being Sexually Harassed At Work

So you have recognized that you are a victim of sexual harassment, but you may be asking yourself what you should do now. Reporting sexual harassment at work can be scary, especially when you are worried that you could be a victim of retaliation. In fact, many people fail to report sexual harassment because they are […]

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Understanding Your Rights And What To Do If You Become A Victim Of Harassment

Sexual harassment is a serious problem in today’s workplace. And while every workplace should be free from sexual harassment or discrimination of any type, there are laws in place in order to protect employees. Since these cases do happen, and often, it is critical that employees understand their rights and what to do if they become […]

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Can I Sue For Discrimination And Harassment?

When it comes to workplace issues like discrimination and harassment, may people think that they can immediately file a lawsuit against their employer. However, there are steps that need to be taken before a lawsuit can be filed. While there is a small chance that these steps will improve your situation, or stop the discrimination or harassment, […]

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