How Often Should I Be Receiving My Wage Payments?

When it comes to receiving your earned pay, nothing is more important than understanding when and how you will be receiving your wage payments from your employer. You Must Receive Wage Payments Twice A Month Most employers pay their employees their earned wages biweekly, with the law requiring them to do so, at least twice a month. However, […]

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Employee Misclassifications: What You Should Know

On October 19, 2016, we posted a blog about the Chicago Minimum Wage law which became effective July 1, 2015, with an hourly wage of $10.00, increased to $10.50 July 1, 2016, and continues to increase incrementally each year into the future. The Chicago law also imposes very substantial penalties on employers who violate it, […]

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Appeals Court Deals Mandatory Arbitration a Huge Blow—Or Does It?

Epic Systems Corporation, a healthcare software company in Wisconsin thought it could prevent its employees from suing to recover alleged failure to pay overtime by a simple arbitration agreement. Epic required its employees, on pain of losing their jobs, to agree that any wage-and-hour claims would be settled only by individual arbitration and that such claims could not be pursued in a […]

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White Collar Exemption Salary Requirement More Than Doubled

The three White Collar Exemptions are by far the most common asserted by employers to avoid paying overtime.  If an employer wants the apply the exemption to any employee, it must show that it pays the employee paid a minimum salary, and that the employee meets the particular duties test.  The most common duties tests are as follows: […]

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