Adverse Actions And Retaliation In The Workplace

From wrongful termination, to discrimination, employees have the potential to become a victim of adverse actions and retaliation in the workplace. Luckily, however, there are many state and federal laws that protect employees from employer retaliation. What Is Retaliation? Retaliation is when an employer takes an adverse action against an employee that negatively affects their employment, but only when […]

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Understanding Employer Retaliation

Employees are often hesitant when it comes to calling out their employer for doing something wrong by a complaint to management or Human Resources. Most employees are typically concerned with one thing—retaliation by their employer. That same fear of retaliation comes when an employee reports the employer to a regulator like the EEOC (for discrimination), the Department […]

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Handling Discrimination and Harassment Claims In The Workplace

Running a successful business means running a workplace free of harassment and discrimination. However, there may be potential workplace issues that come up, making it critical that you are handling it in an appropriate manner. Here is how to properly handle a discrimination or harassment claim in your workplace: Be respectful. When a complaint is brought to your attention, […]

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