Understanding Wrongful Termination

Depending on the state in which you are employed, many employment relationships are considered as at will, which allows for the employer or employee to terminate employment with or without a cause for reason, as long as there is no violation of federal, state, or local anti-discrimination laws. However, there are cases in which an […]

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Employee/Employer: When Hiring An Employment Attorney Can Be A Good Idea

Lawsuits are becoming more and more common in today’s workplace. Whether you are an employee, or an employer, it is important to know whom you can trust in the event you need to file or defend a lawsuit. Employee Issues Failure to pay proper wages or overtime (“Wage Theft”) as well as deprivation of rights like Family Medical […]

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Amendments to The FLSA

The Department of Labor has made the decision to amend the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), intending to update sections of the FSLA that deal with wages and overtime, making this the first update to the federal wage law since 2004. According to the DOL, this update to the FSLA is necessary in order to bring federal wage […]

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Handling Discrimination and Harassment Claims In The Workplace

Running a successful business means running a workplace free of harassment and discrimination. However, there may be potential workplace issues that come up, making it critical that you are handling it in an appropriate manner. Here is how to properly handle a discrimination or harassment claim in your workplace: Be respectful. When a complaint is brought to your attention, […]

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When To Consult With An Employment Attorney

While there are a variety of reasons one may wish to consult with an employment attorney, here examples of situations in which one should consider doing so: If You Are Experiencing Issues With Your Employees: There may be many occasions in which you may need to consult with an employment attorney, especially when running your own business. […]

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Understanding The Anti-discrimination Laws In Illinois

While there are federal laws in place to protect employees from various types of discrimination in the workplace, there are also anti-discrimination laws in the state of Illinois that are in place order to further protect employees from workplace discrimination. In the state of Illinois, employers are required to abide by the following federal laws: Fair Labor Standards Act […]

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