Employee/Employer: When Hiring An Employment Attorney Can Be A Good Idea

Lawsuits are becoming more and more common in today’s workplace. Whether you are an employee, or an employer, it is important to know whom you can trust in the event you need to file or defend a lawsuit. Employee Issues Failure to pay proper wages or overtime (“Wage Theft”) as well as deprivation of rights like Family Medical […]

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When To Consult With An Employment Attorney

It is important to know whom you can turn to and trust in the event your employment rights have been violated, especially when you have taken the appropriate steps to handle your concern but have not been taken seriously. It is often during these occasions in which employees will ignore their concerns simply because they […]

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Do I Need An Employment Attorney?

Employment attorneys specialize in representing employees in contract negotiations, as well as workplace violations. These violations may be issues such as workplace discrimination, sexual harassment, overtime or wage theft, as well as civil rights violations. While most people will not need the assistance of an employment attorney, there may be some occasions in which you may need […]

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Understanding When To File A Complaint Against Your Boss

Often times, employees are too afraid to file a complaint or speak with their Human Resources representative when it comes to an issue they may be having with their boss. While not all situations may call for a formal complaint, there are circumstances that do. Here are situations in which you should file a complaint against […]

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Aaron Maduff Takes On The Pension Fight In Illinois

Last month, the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin interviewed Aaron Maduff about his fight against Illinois’s current pension-reform law, and the continued progress he is making towards getting this yearlong issue resolved on behalf of the many university employees that he is representing. November 21st, 2014 marks a huge victory for Aaron Maduff and his clients. It was on […]

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